Transomatic Dialogue Therapy

The human body appears to act as a memory system storing memories that have yet to be integrated into the conscious psychological wholeness of the individual. In other words the body acts, at least in part, as the archive of the personal unconscious mind.
Self-healing arises as the spontaneous outcome of consciously accessing the emotion-bound memories.

The spontaneous healing sequence has four aspects:

  1. Remembering: recollecting the events and feelings associated with the core memory.
  2. Cognitive Reconnection: i.e. re-empowerment resulting in a restored energetic optimum.
  3. Integration: Consciously seeing, feeling and understanding the process of invalidation that arose from the core event and its context.
  4. Harmonisation: Individually reconnecting to one's innate harmony and wholeness.

The underlying principles of Transomatic Dialogue Therapy are:

  1. The body-mind complex is self-healing once the original causes of any dis*ease are elucidated. Each disease syndrome is an uncommunicated message from the unconscious mind.
  2. All signs and symptoms of disease are currently indicating the original causes within the body-mind systems. The causes are located in the boy-mind and can be readily accessed by the Transomatic Dialogue approach.
  3. All dis*ease arises from repressed emotion-bound memories buried in the body-mind complex. Releasing the repressed memories into conscious awareness and enabling the repressions to be expressed in a safe and simple way, brings about a remarkable and rapid relief of symptoms.
  4. Transomatic Dialogue is not primarily aimed at removing any disease, or any symptoms. This approach recognises and values the innate intelligence of the body-mind, and that includes dis*ease process. Transomatic Dialogue creates a dialogue; a bridge of awareness and understanding that enables the body to directly communicate with the ego-self. It enables the body to deliver the hidden message contained within every disease.
  5. Accessing and remembering the core, causal memories activates the body-mind's innate healing resources.

This approach enables the individual consciousness to move

From medication to meditation

Transomatic Dialogue is applied through individual sessions usually lasting for 2 hours.

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"Meditation is the time-proven way, the only way, for an individual to transform their consciousness, to grow spiritually. It is the only way because nothing else can take you beyond the day-to-day thinking mind into the vastness beyond, the limitless realms of no-mind awareness."

"Because of this terrible pain in my teeth I have gone into them. Normally people do not pay attention to their teeth. Who cares about teeth? Only madmen, like you and me Devageet. I was surprised to discover that teeth contain memories. They contain memories from the past even up till now. It seems to be a continuing process of memory storage where nothing is forgotten or left out."

"It seems that an individual's teeth store not only memories from this life but very ancient memories, memories from their individual path of evolution. Teeth contain an individual's Akashic record from many lives in the many forms they have experienced during the evolution of their consciousness. Four million years of evolution are coded in the DNA of every cell, and the teeth contain even more ancient memories. The teeth are mainly made of crystal, and crystals have the capacity to store vast amounts of information. I have read all the esoteric books and this information about memories in the teeth has never been discovered until now."