On Oshodontics

OSHODONTICS is a therapeutic approach to self-healing and the self-transformation of individual consciousness by accessing body-held memories from physical organs and the teeth and jaws.

Aims of Oshodontic© Therapy:

A. Self-Healing, using Transomatic Dialogue©.
B. Self-Transformation of Consciousness by individual Akashic Processing©.

Transomatic Dialogue recognises that every disease carries a specific life-message from the unconscious mind. In dis-ease the body-mind is a reluctant messenger, forced by repressed memories within the unconscious mind, to create dysfunction in order to teach the individual how their unawareness is r4educing their life potential. Physical signs and symptoms of disease, once they are given a voice, provide precise details of the repressed core-event and its emotional content. Transomatic Dialogue is a unique method that enables the body itself to speak, using the individual's voice. In this way the message is delivered directly by the individual.
Transomatic Dialogue, by using feeling-sense-awareness as a precision tool for healing, is meditation in action.


What is healing?

Healing is the process enabling the restoration of functional wholeness, harmony and balance that arises when the original causes of dis-ease are brought from unconscious repression to conscious awareness. Oshodontics shows that each body has a state of original wholeness, and any disease is rooted in earlier life-events that, due to their emotional impact, became repressed at their time of origin. The emotion-bound memories of the core-event can be precisely located in the body-mind by the Oshodontic Transomatic© approach.

What is Spiritual Transformation?

All transformation is a change of state. Healing is the change of an individual's diseased state back to optimal health, function, harmony and wholeness. Healing is an example of transformation that is obvious to most people.

Spiritual Transformation is the change of state of consciousness, from lower to higher, that spontaneously results from the direct experience of the deeper dimensions of truth and consciousness. It is the raised level of awareness that transforms individual consciousness.

Spiritual transformation happens spontaneously when an individual directly experiences their inner consciousness as being in intrinsic continuity with universal consciousness: microcosmic reality is experienced as an intrinsic aspect of the macrocosm. Universal consciousness, being beyond time and space, may be described as quantum reality. Spiritual transformation is an ongoing process of expanding awareness which becomes actualised by living according to the revealed new values. In this way spiritual transformation offers each individual the possibility to live and express, freely and fearlessly their highest potential as a human being.

Spiritual Transformation is not religious; it is existential. Directly experiencing the reality of one's inner being is a feeling-state of realisation beyond thinking, and thus has nothing to do with religious beliefs, philosophical systems, derived knowledge, ideals, ideas, concepts, imagination, hopes, fears or dreams.

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"Meditation is the time-proven way, the only way, for an individual to transform their consciousness, to grow spiritually. It is the only way because nothing else can take you beyond the day-to-day thinking mind into the vastness beyond, the limitless realms of no-mind awareness."

"Because of this terrible pain in my teeth I have gone into them. Normally people do not pay attention to their teeth. Who cares about teeth? Only madmen, like you and me Devageet. I was surprised to discover that teeth contain memories. They contain memories from the past even up till now. It seems to be a continuing process of memory storage where nothing is forgotten or left out."

"It seems that an individual's teeth store not only memories from this life but very ancient memories, memories from their individual path of evolution. Teeth contain an individual's Akashic record from many lives in the many forms they have experienced during the evolution of their consciousness. Four million years of evolution are coded in the DNA of every cell, and the teeth contain even more ancient memories. The teeth are mainly made of crystal, and crystals have the capacity to store vast amounts of information. I have read all the esoteric books and this information about memories in the teeth has never been discovered until now."