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International Academy of Oshodontics: 2011.
Mexico, Oaxaca.

April 30 - May 29: Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue Training.
1. The Foundation Course: April 30 - May 7th: 2011.
Starlight Colour Intensive: Self-Healing with Transomatic Dialogue, Colour and Meditation. A 7-day fast-track, authentic self-healing meditation intensive using the full range of Transomatic Starlight tools. Although this intensive is the foundation course for the full training, participation is also open to others.

2. Teaching Seminar for Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue. May 8 - 21st:
The seminar includes learning the therapeutic use of:
a. Transomatic Trance.
b. Using The 12-colour Transomatic Starlight Wheel.
c. Transomatic Starlight Dialogue, applying light and colour.
d. Geet-Chung for precision awareness.
e. The use of The Mandala of Original Wholeness.
f. Psycho-Biological Therapeutic Hand Movements for emotional reframing.
g. Transomatic Consolidation: Healing-Balancing-Integrating-Harmonising.

For full description and booking details email

1. Clinical Training and Certification: May 22 - 29th:
Trainees will offer supervised individual sessions: May 22 - May 25, and unsupervised certification sessions: May 26 - 29.

Individual clinical sessions are available to non-participants at minimal cost during the clinical training certification week: May 22-29th. 3-day Individual Sessions and Meditation Packages are available May 22-29th.

Please note: This unique and effective training is for a limited number of participants. Early booking with deposit is the only way to confirm a place. Practitioner Certification is granted for trainees with the required degree of proficiency.
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Oshodontic Therapy(c) in Oshofors, Sweden.
Full Self-Healing and Transformation Program.
June 9 - August 25th. 2011.

Oshofors is located in silent lush forest and offers a perfect vegetarian environment for meditation, healing, learning and transformation.

For the first time the full spectrum of Oshodontic Therapy for Self-Healing is being offered in a variety of workshops. The Oshodontic tools of transformation include:
• Geet-Chung for Precise Catalytic Awareness and cognitive clarity.
• Transomatic Trance for precision awareness and subconscious lucidity.
• Bardo-Karmic Past-Life Training to access Bardo-Karmic Wisdom.
• Dream Dialogue Training to give voice to the intelligence of dreams.
• Training in Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue for Self-Healing, using the 12-colour star wheel, colour and light.

Set within a daily schedule of Osho Meditation this program creates an intensely profound energy field to dramatically enhance self-healing and transformation.

Booking info:

Bardo-Karmic Training: Past-Life and Beyond: June 9th - 19th:
This original training is being offered for the first time. It includes teaching Transomatic Trance for lucid access of the out-of-body healing-wisdom processes that happen after dying. Open to all.
The Akashic Retreat: June 21 - July 9: An opportunity to meditate and participate in the therapeutic and transformational energy field that is generated during the Akashic Process Three Training. Open to all. Booking info:
Dream Dialogue Training: July 11th - 21: Each dream is a unique and specific message from the subconscious mind to inform and transform the dreamer’s life. Transomatic Trance is taught to enable the dreamer, using Dream Dialogue to receive the dream message.

July 23 - Aug. 25.
Part1. July 23—30. Starlight Transomatic Self-Healing Intensive.
The Intensive uses the full range of Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue therapeutic tools in order to provide a complete foundation for the training. The Intensive is also open to all as a uniquely effective self-healing experience.
Part 2: August 1 - 17th:
Learning Starlight Transomatic Colour DialogueTherapy :
The tools for self-healing include:
• Transomatic Trance.
• The 12-colour Transomatic Starlight Wheel.
• Transomatic Dialogue with the application of light and colour.
• Geet-Chung for precise lucid awareness.
• The Mandala of Original Wholeness and Therapeutic Chanting.
• Psycho-Biological Hand Movements for therapeutic emotional reframing.
• The Transomatic cycle: Healing-Balancing-Integrating-Harmonising.
• Creating a healing energy circle.
Part 3: August 19 - 25:
Session skills using Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue.
Trainee practitioners will give supervised individual sessions: Aug 19.20.21 unsupervised sessions from Aug 22.23.24. Certification on Aug. 25th.
Note: Low-price individual sessions are available for non-participants.NOTE: Practitioner’s Certification is awarded to those who demonstrate the required proficiency.
Aegina, Greece.
Sept. 30 - Oct 7th. The Light within the Flame:
Geet-Chung + Mandala of Original Wholeness Intensive.
Peak awareness with precision clarity is The essence of Geet-Chung. The Mandala of Original Wholeness is used to bring authentic self-healing, transformation, profound meditation and higher states of consciousness.
Oct. 9 - Nov 8: The Fifth Akashic Retreat.
The Akashic Process Training creates a powerful meditative energy field. Situated next to the clear Aegean Sea, with a daily program of Osho Meditations, using Transomatic Starlight Dialogue Light and Colour Therapy every third day, the Akashic Retreat becomes a sublime and profound experience of your higher states of consciousness.
...........................................Booking info:
Italy, Rimini.
Sono-Luce: The Light Within The Fire.
New heights of awareness, new depths of meditation.
November 18 - 27, 2011: Director of Therapy: Swami Devageet.
1. Nov.
Starlight Transomatic Colour Dialogue for Self-Healing.
2. Nov, 22.23.24:
Mandala of Original Wholeness +Geet- Chung, for higher states of Consciousness, chakra exploration and in-depth healing.
3. Nov, 25.26.27.
Past-Life Bardo-Karmic Wisdom: Discovering the undying self. new dimensions of self -discovery.
Booking info: Note: Early booking is suggested to ensure a place.



                Fast-Track Authentic Self-Healing:

            From Medication to Meditation.


Starlight Colour Intensive Self-Healing with Transomatic Dialogue, Colour and Meditation. 





Self-Healing with awareness is a journey of awakening. this intensive is an adventure to find the way back to your lost self. Most people are stuck in their lives, feeling bored, cynical and hopeless. These are symptoms from losing touch with our inner being, our original wholeness. Self-Healing happens by feeling and remembering past trauma, becoming aware how it caused the loss of contact with our real self, and consciously reconnecting to our original wholeness of being. This intensive can heal your wounds: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.


The tools for Self-Healing that Devageet uses are:


*     Trance journeys for higher consciousness.

*     Osho's Meditation methods.

*     The Colour Mandala of Original Wholeness.

*     Starlight Transomatic Dialogue: 12--Colour Wheel of Light.

*     A.U.M: AUM Chanting.

*     Geet -Chung for precision awareness.

*     Psycho- biological hand movements.

*     The nine screens of Awareness - Being - Consciousness.


Working with Devageet is a healing experience, and much more, it is a uniquely awakening, empowering experience.


                                               Don't miss the chance!                             


Individual sessions will be available from May 22 -- 28, at very reduced cost for intensive participants.

3-day healing and meditation packages are also available in this time.


booking info:





Dream Dialogue Training Intensive



Oshofors, Sweden, July 11--21, 2011.


Each Dream is a unique and specific message from the subconscious mind. Every dream has  an intrinsic emotional logic, a message from our right brain to our left--brained personality mind.   Most dreams categorize and complete any unfinished emotional business from the events of the day.  By putting the fragments in their correct context the mind is made ready for the upcoming day. Other dreams appear to overview past events from longer back, allowing your past to be seen and understood in a new light.  Yet other dreams seem to look into the future, portraying possibilities yet to emerge and offering new directions in life.


  Dreams are abundant and diverse.  They reveal our inner world.


Dream Dialogue is a clear direct way for the message to speak for itself, using your own voice. Nobody can know your dream more clearly than yourself.  It is a message for you from your unknown self.


Dream Dialogue uses Transomatic Trance to enter an enhanced level of awareness from where you can easily and clearly allow your dreaming mind to use your voice and express it's message.

In the training you will learn the simple method of Transomatic Trance and how to use it to reveal, and heal yourself from the inside.


Dream Dialogue Training uses:

·          Osho's active meditation methods,

·          Geet Chung for enhanced awareness training.

·          The Mandala of Original Wholeness to open the mind.

·          Transomatic Trance Journeys to reveal the higher dimensions of consciousness.

·          Dream Dialogue: Opening a channel of communication with your inner self.

·          Sharing, dancing, jokes and laughter.


Dream Dialogue is an essential tool for Transomatic Starlight Practitioners. (





Bardo--Karmic Healing with Transomatic Dialogue.


Past-Life Regression has proved to be an effective way of healing. Past life memory can show cause-and-effect links with current disease thereby enabling deeper understanding. the new perspective increases the effectiveness of therapy and opens new dimensions of consciousness.


Transomatic Dialogue is based on the understanding that every disease, not only physical,but also emotional, psychological and spiritual diseases, result from loss of connection to our intrinsic self- nature: our Original Wholeness. 


Bardo-Karmic Transomatic Dialogue is a specialized form of past- life regression in which the events of death and its immediate aftermath (rather than the past-life events per se) are the focus. In Bardo-Karmic regression the focus of attention and awareness is on the moment of dying in order to precisely follow the effects of transition on the emotional, mental and subtle energy sheaths.  A person in a state of Transomatic Trance can become directly aware, in a safe and simple, lucid way, of a perceptible undying essence that continues to exist after the physical body can be seen to have died.


Individual Bardo-Karmic sessions indicate that in the moment when physical life stops -- the systems supporting vital functions stop working -- a visible essence leaves the body.  Provided that the individual remains aware while the body ceases to function as a life vehicle they can experience what happens next.


The body dies: everybody, every body dies. It is common knowledge that every body that is born will die, sooner or later.  Nobody, no body, survives death. But in the moment of physical death, provided one is lucid and aware, it is possible to experience that which is not physical and does not die.


  Experiencing one's undying essence in the moment when the physical body can no longer sustain life is a profound, life-changing experience. Consciousness is changed by experiencing an event that for the rational body-mind cannot happen, yet it is, paradoxically, being consciously perceived in an inexplicable way. Yet in that significant moment there may be an even greater realization, that of an aware consciousness witnessing an  "impossible"  scene. Awareness in such existential moments becomes a catalyst for the maturation of consciousness as it rises to a higher level of trust and understanding.


Awareness that can witness the death of it's familiar body also has the capacity to follow the emergent, undying-essence on it's out-of-body journey. It is a journey of transition as the undying-self nature, freed from it's physical sheath, becomes progressively and systematically further released from it's astral-emotional identification sheaths. The next level of transition happens as consciousness frees itself from being identified with it's endlessly fascinating array of beliefs and concepts within the mental sheath.


 The Bardo is a Tibetan word to describe the dimensions of consciousness that exists following physical death and prior to the next incarnation. Xxxxx


It is a common Bardo experience to feel ones awareness merging into an intensity of light which feels intensely loving and nourishing.  One feels bathed in love, understanding and profound wisdom.  It feels as though it is a  familiar and welcoming place of healing and understanding. I refer to this healing-dimension of out-of-body consciousness as Bardo-Karmic Wisdom.  In this state one often sees of cause and their effects influencing every event the previous life; and more, it may be obvious how many of those trails had begun in earlier lives: this last life was the most recent expression of much older repeating patterns of behaviour. Thus the karmic picture within many lives becomes plain.


  Bardo-Karmic Wisdom allows awareness to retrace, to re-member, the many actions and reactions that have caused loss of contact with one's essential, individual being, one's original wholeness, that portal into eternity in which consciousness is connected to, and seen to be connected to, existential wholeness.  The individual uses awareness in this dimension of clarity as the eye of cosmic consciousness that reveals something of the timeless evolutionary journey in which individual consciousness is an existential pilgrim returning home.  Encountering the trials along the way enables consciousness to grow in awareness becoming increasingly revealed to itself as the creator of it's own reality.


A non-personal awareness is brought to bear on the individual's Bardo-Karmic experience that enables a clear view of one's previous ways of life.  There is an immense, big-picture overview, full of the light and clarity of Bardo-Karmic wisdom.  In this light awareness and consciousness grows.  That which could only previously be seen as through a glass darkly is now viewed with utter clarity.


Trails of past behaviour patterns are the karmic patterns traced by unconscious behaviour and they create an enormous map that encompasses many lives. Each incarnation is an opportunity for Bardo-Karmic healing to become actualised in a life-context, but unless the individual can remember the between-lives experience then the healing potential from the Bardo is unable to be accessed, it remains unseen until another window of clarity presents itself.  Awareness is the gift beyond price.


Transomatic trance is a simple method for an individual to enhance their awareness and allow past-life memories to recollect the time after the death of the physical body.  In other words it allows individuals to access the awareness that was contained in the body and to retain their conscious connection with it even when the body no longer lives. When a person dies consciously, with awareness of the stages of transition, in their next life they will be born with a corresponding level of awareness that helps them to consciously access the Bardo-Karmic wisdom and for their karmic patterns to be dissolved.


This is not the case for the majority of people.  Most die lost in the fear-driven unconsciousness stoked by fear and beliefs.


  Authentic meditators who have honed their awareness to the clarity where they have become familiar with non-physical dimensions of consciousness are more likely to die consciously, and to be reborn with awareness.


Bardo-Karmic Transomatic Dialogue can help people to enhance their awareness so that even though they had not died consciously they can pick up the thread of awareness and retrace the steps of their past life and their past death in order to support their recollection of their forgotten Bardo-Karmic wisdom experience.




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"Meditation is the time-proven way, the only way, for an individual to transform their consciousness, to grow spiritually. It is the only way because nothing else can take you beyond the day-to-day thinking mind into the vastness beyond, the limitless realms of no-mind awareness."

"Because of this terrible pain in my teeth I have gone into them. Normally people do not pay attention to their teeth. Who cares about teeth? Only madmen, like you and me Devageet. I was surprised to discover that teeth contain memories. They contain memories from the past even up till now. It seems to be a continuing process of memory storage where nothing is forgotten or left out."

"It seems that an individual's teeth store not only memories from this life but very ancient memories, memories from their individual path of evolution. Teeth contain an individual's Akashic record from many lives in the many forms they have experienced during the evolution of their consciousness. Four million years of evolution are coded in the DNA of every cell, and the teeth contain even more ancient memories. The teeth are mainly made of crystal, and crystals have the capacity to store vast amounts of information. I have read all the esoteric books and this information about memories in the teeth has never been discovered until now."


Dynamic Genes
Akashic Retreat