DREAM DIALOGUE: Giving a Transomatic voice to Dreams

In the great quest for self finding effective tools to penetrate the barriers of the unconscious mind is important. Transomatic Dialogue is a primary tool that enables any of the subconscious voices to express its coded message.

The Unconscious mind is the hidden, sometimes regarded as forbidden, treasure-chamber of consciousness. Consciousness itself is multi-dimensional, consisting of oceanic depths and vast mountain peaks that exist beyond the guarded secure frontiers of the conditioned 'self' — the personality-ego-mind. Its contents are hidden not because of any intrinsic secrecy but because of childhood psychological cultural ideological conditioning that denies vast areas of individual human consciousness.

In the name of love we are taught to ignore and invalidate invaluable expressions of our natural self and to fear any genuine spontaneous response to life. Dimensions of human consciousness are invalidated by the constraints of belief, education, culture, family life that make up the developmental conditioning of each child. The purpose of conditioning is to train each child to be socially acceptable, to separate each individual from their authentic nature and in its place substitute a socially acceptable ego-personality; in effect, a false self. The authentic self remains hidden, disrespected and unacknowledged, while the personality is valued and respected and regarded as the true identity.

The Unconscious mind is an archive of denied consciousness containing negative memories, traumas, unacceptable feelings and emotions, and behaviour patterns that we deny and fear.

The Superconscious mind is also an archive of denied consciousness but its contents are positive, considered to be awesome and fantastic, too good to be true, to far beyond the norm because they indicate our fundamental connection to nature and the cosmos, rather than society and civilisation. These archival contents are denied access to everyday consciousness by fear, anger, ridicule, disbelief and denial.

The Subconscious mind is the translator of the Unconscious and the Superconscious minds. It accesses the personality through dreams, emotions, sentiments and moods, physical symptoms and signs, and creative expression. The archival memory of consciousness, both unconscious and superconscious, give input to the subconscious mind as it tries to integrate consciousness from its fragmented state back to unity and wholeness. The subconscious mind is continuously active in its efforts to bring all consciousness that has been denied into a unified psycho-spiritual authentic identity: the original self.

The conscious unification of consciousness allows the authentic self to emerge. It is a second 'birth' that enables the individual to be aware of their innate wholeness, to trust their intrinsic nature, and to expand the frontiers of consciousness beyond the ego-personality. The shift of identification from the conditioned personality to the original, authentic self is self-realization.

Transomatic© Dialogue is a unique approach to self-discovery that validates the unity of individual consciousness by giving voice to the regions beyond the known. It acknowledges and respects the voices from beyond the pale of acceptability, validating their expression by awareness and intelligent scrutiny. Transomatic© Dialogue enables the individual to access the normally-denied zones of themselves and let them speak. Once the unconscious or superconscious minds are given a voice they can be readily integrated into the whole psyche.

The purpose of Transomatic© dialogue is not primarily to heal, but invaliditation is the root and branch of all disease. nor does it aim to bring self-realisation; self-realisation happens when the authentic self is validated. The aim of Transomatic Dialogue© is to give verbal expression to the repressed, invalidated areas of consciousness. This naturally and spontaneously enables healing and transformation, consciousness and awareness to expand, spiritual growth and the deepening of meditation.

The method of Dream Dialogue:

  1. The dream is recollected and read from notes taken immediately after the dream happened. It is not an interpretation but the actual dream story in all its precise details.
  2. The individual is induced into Transomatic© Trance (a relaxed state with enhanced awareness and feeling.)
  3. The dream is read back to them with the instruction to the 'dreaming mind' to bring it back to the forefront of the mind in all its original detail.
  4. Each element in the dream is then given the opportunity to express its meaning and purpose within the wholeness of the dream. The voices are noted down.
  5. When the dream elements have expressed themselves the notes of their individual statements and messages are read back to the person in trance, with the instruction: "Higher Consciousness what is the message from this dream?"
  6. The individual is then integrated with their dream using Transomatic Integration.

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"Meditation is the time-proven way, the only way, for an individual to transform their consciousness, to grow spiritually. It is the only way because nothing else can take you beyond the day-to-day thinking mind into the vastness beyond, the limitless realms of no-mind awareness."

"Because of this terrible pain in my teeth I have gone into them. Normally people do not pay attention to their teeth. Who cares about teeth? Only madmen, like you and me Devageet. I was surprised to discover that teeth contain memories. They contain memories from the past even up till now. It seems to be a continuing process of memory storage where nothing is forgotten or left out."

"It seems that an individual's teeth store not only memories from this life but very ancient memories, memories from their individual path of evolution. Teeth contain an individual's Akashic record from many lives in the many forms they have experienced during the evolution of their consciousness. Four million years of evolution are coded in the DNA of every cell, and the teeth contain even more ancient memories. The teeth are mainly made of crystal, and crystals have the capacity to store vast amounts of information. I have read all the esoteric books and this information about memories in the teeth has never been discovered until now."