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Devageet is first and foremost a meditator. The meaning of Devageet is Divine Harmony. Osho, the enlightened mystic and master gave him the name in 1976.

Meeting Osho was the turning point in Devageet's life. Before that he had been an English dental surgeon desperately searching for meaning, truth and fulfilment in his life. He had tried many avenues: Orthodox religions, Oriental Philosophy, Yoga, Sufism, Zen, painting, psychology, running, sport, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christian Quietism, Judaism, fasting, vegetarianism, Tarot. All these doors led back to the maze of confusion within himself.
He understood that he needed a master, someone who was a living example of what he was seeking: truth, meaning and fulfilment.

Osho came into Devageet's life and from that moment he began to find what he had been looking for. It was very different from his expectations. It was more.

In Poona, India, Osho had created a complete environment for a commune of spiritual seekers. A place where meditation and the latest therapy methods, work, creativity and play, were fused by the brilliance of Osho's vision to fast track their self-discovery and inner realisation.

Meditation was the key, awareness the lock, freedom the door.

In 1978 Devageet was invited to be Osho's personal dentist. Later he lived in Osho's house, in Poona, India, and in Oregon, America, until Osho left his physical body: January 19th, 1990. He lived in the transforming milieu of Osho's commune for 21 years.

A few weeks before leaving his body, in the middle of one night, Osho gave Devageet a message that laid the foundation of his subsequent work.

"Each human body, especially the teeth, contains memories back to the beginning of evolution... Teeth are an individual's personal Akashic Record... You will find a way, Devageet, for people to bring these ancient memories to awareness. This expanded awareness will enable them to experience their eternal reality, and their meditation will go deep enough for authentic transformation to happen."

Osho's physical death on January 19th, 1990, provoked a deep crystallisation, a quantum leap, in Devageet’s consciousness.

Researching ways to implement Osho's instruction he found a discourse from 1973 where Osho had spoken of the possibility that memory is colour-coded in the mind. Using this insight as a basis Devageet trained in alternative methods of working with light-as-colour for healing. His deepening meditation revealed past-life memories in which he had been a healer many times, using light-as-colour, dialogue, and relaxation with enhanced awareness.

In 1993, through intuition arising from deep meditation, he became aware that disease is a form of intelligent communication, from the unconscious to the conscious mind, containing data informing of its origins. Disease, seen in this way, is the natural outcome of repressed psycho-emotional energy arising from emotion-bound memories: core events in an individual's life and the associated emotions. With awareness of its origins disease may become a life-enhancing transformation.

By giving a voice to the body's signs and symptoms the message concealed in them directly informs of their origin and purpose. Transomatic Dialogue then opens a natural pathway that allows the intrinsic healing resources of the body to be mobilised in a natural, effective way.

Using this original insight — that disease is not negative; but on the contrary, is a sign of life trying to restore its original harmony and function — Devageet developed Transomatic Dialogue as a method for people to express what they had unconsciously repressed.

Many years of clinical experience have shown this approach to be a uniquely effective way to resolve the issues at the root of disease.

The overall approach is called Illumination Therapy©. The self—healing mode is called Transomatic Dialogue©. The self-transforming mode is a progressive series of processes: The Akashic Processes©.

Devageet's work is based in meditation. Meditation is the time-proven path for individuals to recover their original connection with life itself. Disease, seen in this light, is proportional to the gap between the individual and their experiential connection to their source of life. Illumination Therapy creates an opening for individuals to become aware of dimensions of their consciousness that can free them from the false beliefs and misunderstandings that arise from repressed memories of early-life events. It is these repressed memories that create the illusion of separation from their life source.

Illumination Therapy provides an original and precise way for reconnecting to the life-energy source, and this reconnection leads to fast and effective self-healing, genuine spiritual growth and the evolution of individual consciousness.

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"Meditation is the time-proven way, the only way, for an individual to transform their consciousness, to grow spiritually. It is the only way because nothing else can take you beyond the day-to-day thinking mind into the vastness beyond, the limitless realms of no-mind awareness."

"Because of this terrible pain in my teeth I have gone into them. Normally people do not pay attention to their teeth. Who cares about teeth? Only madmen, like you and me Devageet. I was surprised to discover that teeth contain memories. They contain memories from the past even up till now. It seems to be a continuing process of memory storage where nothing is forgotten or left out."

"It seems that an individual's teeth store not only memories from this life but very ancient memories, memories from their individual path of evolution. Teeth contain an individual's Akashic record from many lives in the many forms they have experienced during the evolution of their consciousness. Four million years of evolution are coded in the DNA of every cell, and the teeth contain even more ancient memories. The teeth are mainly made of crystal, and crystals have the capacity to store vast amounts of information. I have read all the esoteric books and this information about memories in the teeth has never been discovered until now."